ACMA (Industrias AMAT,S.L.)ACMA (Industrias AMAT,S.L.)
ACMA (Industrias AMAT,S.L.)

ACMA (Industrias AMAT,S.L.)

ACMA, electric servomotors pneumatic and hydraulic valve actuators

Design and manufacture of electric servomotors and geared motors, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators and manual gearboxes from ACMA (Industrias Amat) are a guarantee of quality. The company, founded in 1970, has acquired extensive experience in the valve automation sector and offers the best option for valve motorization according to the needs of each client. For more than fifty years, the company has researched and manufactured products and services to go where it had not yet been, generating new applications for solenoid valves, butterfly valves, positioners, gear motors, mechanical or hydraulic actuators and their cylinders.

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