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We offer a service of assembly and installation of all our products in the customers' premises. Our technicians will visit your company and will advise you both on the best valve option and the right type of assembly in each case. We can also carry out the installation.

TAll our actuators are provided with or without valve. We can supply all types of valve.

Suitable for drinking water supplies, sewage purifying plants, electric industries, chemical industries, food industries, naval industries, petrochemical industries, ...

Certifications according to legal norms.
Classifications : Lloyd's Register, Bureau Veritas, etc.

Installation "in house" of our own equipment, maintenance, spare parts, etc.


ACMA warrants the highest quality both in the materials used and the manufacturing processes. All our products undergo a strict quality control so as to guarantee a quality product to our customers.

Our products carry a year warranty against working or manufacturing fault. We commit ourselves to provide any spare parts for at least five years from delivery, even if the product is not manufactured anymore.

* We reserve the right to introduce any modification or change in the models and technical characteristics of the materials, so as to improve and update all our products. Thus, the dimensions and figures are merely orientative. ACMA withholds the right to modify any of the products and data in the present web, as well as the catalogue, technical description and instructions of starting and maintenance, so no liability for any modification will be accepted .