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Automatic switches of level and warning devices of content
ACMA 59 : watertight box with optical and acoustic signaller.
ACMA 60 : content warning switch.
ACMA 61 : minimum and maximum level switch and security buoy.
ACMA 85 : maximum and minimum switch and security buoy.
ACMA 86 : maximum and minimum switch.
ACMA controllers and switches are provided with one or more buoys with adequate design and dimension to attain a perfect buoyancy. A bascule mercury switch, which is fixed inside and protected by an epoxy resin mass, turns them off in a vertical position and turns them on when floating in a horizontal position. They are threaded to the tank by 2" threads. Buoys can be provided in any material or plasticized on demand.

Level teleindicators - ACMA 113
Level teleindicators ACMA 113 measure the liquid levels ( gas oil, fuel oil, oil, paste, pulp, etc) at a distance. The equipment has a) Transducer element or probe b) receiver element or board. Standard sets are regulated to work between 1,500 and 2,000 mm high. we would be grateful if you specified any different heights you need. Measure regulation in %: They can be provided graduated in litres according to order, in such case the tank capacity, diameter and length should be specified. The working principle of these sets is based on the hydrostatic pressure of the liquid column on the membrane of the transducers element. The pressure or level variations are transformed into inductive variations, which can be electronically measured and picked up by a galvanometre that shows the tank level.