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Description :

AH Series
- For butterfly, ball valves and 90º angular turn. From DN 50.
- The body is iron cast, the movable elements are made of steel and the pistons are made of high quality aluminium.

HC Series
- For butterfly and ball valves (from 4,000 to 16,000 N.m.)
- Transmission of power by scotch-yoke system.
- Specially designed for large diameter valves.

Hydraulic actuator ACMA 928
- For butterfly and ball valves and 90º angular turn drive.
-The group mechanic resistance allows to work under pressures of up to 200 kg/cm2., reaching high torque values with a reduced actuator volume.
- The body is a laminated aluminium compact single block with cylindrical cavities where the lapped steel sleeves, where the power pistons slide, are mounted.
- They are provided with : opened and closed regulation tops.
- Visual position indicator.

Hydraulic actuator ACMA 390
- For gate, globe, membrane valves and all valves requiring a linear movement of the shaft.
- Built in all sizes, they can be designed to suit any type of valve.

Hydraulic actuator ACMA 390/S
- It is the simple effect version of the 390 model. It works hydraulically and without pressure by means of a retracting spring.
- Models normally closed or opened.
- Cylinder diameters from 80 to 600 mm.

Cuadros de características - ACMA (Industrias AMAT,S.L.)
Model   AH Series HC Series Acma 928 Acma 390 Acma 390/S
Movement   turn 90º turn 90º turn 90º lineal lineal
For valves   butterfly and ball butterfly and ball with high oil pressure fro butterfly and ball valves linear valves linear valves
Type   simple/double effect double effect double effect double effect simple effect
Operation system   rack scotch-yoke rack piston - piston rod piston - piston rod
Power/par N/Nm. (at 160 kg/cm²) min - 4.000 200 - -
max 30.000 15.000 1.130 15.000 30.000
System, models within the series   AH-13 HC-600 928-A according to especif. according to especif.
  AH-60 HC-800 928-B    
  AH-90   928-C    

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