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- For butterfly and ball valves from DN 50 to DN 300.
- Two versions : double effect and simple effect (retracting spring).
- Small aluminium reducer provided with two pistons with central-pinion rack system

ACMA 926*
- For butterfly and ball valves
- Rack, double effect actuators with torque transmission by means of scotch-yoke system.
- Torque of up to 25.000 N.m.

ACMA 380*
- For valves with a linear movement shaft ( gate, globe, membrane valves.)
- The standard connection between the valve and the actuator allows on the one hand to access the valve packing gland to be adjusted or regulated and on the other hand to incorporate the union between the valve shaft and the actuator shaft.
- Cylinders from 60 to 600 mm diameters.

ACMA 380/S*
- It is the simple effect version of Model ACMA 380. In case of pressure failure, the cylinder opens and closes the valve (according to the actuator type) by means of a spring.
- Cylinders from 80 to 600 mm diameters .

Cuadros de características - ACMA (Industrias AMAT,S.L.)
Model   SerieS AD Acma 926 Acma 380 Acma 380/S
DescripTION   from DN50 to DN 300 Double or simple effect for 90º Double effect lineal actuator simple effect (normal open or normal closed)
Movement   turn 90º turn 90º lineal lineal
Working of   ball and butterfly valves ball and butterfly valves gate, balloom, membrane valves gate, balloom, membrane valves
Power/par given to (N)(m.N.) 25.000 10.000 150.000 30.000
Pressure; feeding air; to (Kg/cm²) 8 8 8 8
Sistem model on the serie   two pistons rack scotch yoke piston - piston rod piston - piston rod
  AD 1 R 13 380 380/S NC
  AD 2 R 60   380/S NO
  AD 3 R 90   380/CR
  AD 4 R 200    
  AD 5 AC 600    
    AC 800    
    AC 1500    

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