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Available options for all the models :

- Special connections for any type of valves.
- Control electrically operated valve.
- Flywheel emergency manual control.
- Ends of stroke ( all types: mechanic, inductive, electric, pneumatic.)
- Pneumatic or electro-pneumatic positioner.
- Mechanical position indication.


Cuadros de características - ACMA (Industrias AMAT,S.L.)
Model   Serie AD Acma 926 Acma 380 Acma 380/S
Description   model of measurement jousts to act from DN50 to DN 300 Double or simple effect actuator for 90º Double or simple effect lineal actuator Simple effect (normal open o normal closed)
Movement   draft 90º draft 90º lineal lineal
Working of   ball and butterfly valves ball and butterfly valves gate, balloom, membrane valves gate, balloom, membrane valves
Power/par given to (N)(m.N.) 25.000 10.000 150.000 30.000
Pressure; feeding air; to (Kg/cm²) 8 8 8 8
Sistem model on the serie   two pistons rack scotch yoke piston - piston rod piston - piston rod
  AD 1 R 13 380 380/S NC
  AD 2 R 60   380/S NO
  AD 3 R 90   380/CR
  AD 4 R 200    
  AD 5 AC 600    
    AC 800    
    AC 1500    

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